Why you need a coach

I see a strength & conditioning coach twice a month and I am a coach myself. 


Every 2nd Saturday I travel into Darlinghurst, Sydney, to spend an hour with my coach going over strength. Then I get in my car and drive back.
Some of you are thinking and have already asked the question; “Why do you need a coach?” My reply is ‘'I believe in coaching.’'

Let me ask you something? Would you ever go to a hair dresser that has never actually used a hair dresser him/herself? Or buy hair products they told you that you ‘need’ but they don’t even use them on their hair? Why would you even consider purchasing these products from this so called ‘professional’ if they don’t even believe in their product? I believe in coaching and that’s why I have a coach. I also believe everyone needs a coach and mentor in their life. I am going to explain why and give you an insight into my own goals.

Everyone has an outcome or task they want to achieve. For myself it’s:

1. Athleticism
2. To feel good

I know there will be some of you thinking ‘why is there no aesthetic goals on that list?’…. I will get to that later on why there isn’t.

12 months ago I got glandular fever. It was horrible! You feel run down, get dizzy & out of breath going just going outside and patting your dog. Even though I overcame glandular fever really quickly through my own perseverance, my body wasn’t responding well to training and all I wanted to do was feel better and get my strength back without feeling like I had been hit by a truck. So, I set out to find a strength and conditioning coach who knew about energy systems within the body. I did my research and came across my current coach, who is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in Australia and specialises in tactical strength & conditioning training. I bit the bullet and managed to nab a session with him in his busy schedule. Let’s say I walked out better than I walked in. Not just physically but mentally. That’s what a great coach does.

I want to share a snippet from my coach’s website: 'A coach makes you better, a coach see’s what you can’t and they force you to move past your perceived ideas and self-imposed limitations. Without one you’ll very quickly be in the same place year after year doing the same thing, wondering why nothing has changed.’ If you are serious about training then having a personalised program designed for you, weekly, monthly and annual training goals is a must for any type of success. When you attend these sessions in person, coaches can help adopt your training every session as you progress.

As busy people we struggle with balance. If our lives are stressful & chaotic we tend to base our sessions around emotion. Or just in general around our emotion. Going from no training to 6 days a week hammering ourselves because we want to lose 5kgs won’t get us the results we want. Hence, basing your sessions around emotion. Having a coach keeping you on track means logic over emotion. Coaches are the educated ones when it comes to training and your well being and they know your limitations. They have a plan in place and with some consistency & structure you will achieve the results you have been training for. If left to our own accord, our sessions can be all over the place, inconsistent, we become tired & injured and it turns into a vicious cycle repeating itself over and over again. I myself have gotten the best results from following a structured program from a professional. Consistency is key!

The improvements I have made are massive! Not only have I achieved my two goals, athleticism & feeling good, but my body is looking better, I have trimmed down, I’m leaner, more toned, have tonnes of energy, I am smarter with my food choices as bad food choices affect my emotions and how my body performs. I am also sleeping better and my wellbeing has gone leaps and bounds. I promise you this, if you find a good coach, train with them, follow what they say and stay consistent. You will achieve what I have achieved.

I achieved the above by admitting to myself I needed help. I listened to everything my coach was saying and was asking. I did what I was told to do, religiously! With consistency & effort I did achieve! Soon you will understand ‘There is no difference between your body & brain. You are all of your thoughts & all of your feelings.'

Until next time,

Emma Sciberras