5 x ways to recover quickly

Recovery. I talk a lot about this to my clients. I can't stress the importance of recovery enough. Everyone who is training should be making this a FOCUS! And the easiest way for me to explain recovery is to look at a race team.

You have your driver, the car and a team of mechanics. You are the car. The driver is your coach. And the team of mechanics are your recovery tools. It's my job as a coach to make sure you train & compete well. However I'm only with for max 3 hours a week. I try my best to educate you all on how you should be looking after yourselves outside of EJ Fitness but thats up to your team of 'mechanics'. A race team does not run with just a driver and car. Their team are there to make sure they run at their best and help fix any problems occured along the way and to enhance their performance. Your body is the same. You need to look after it in order to keep running. Simple. So that been said these are my top 5 x ways to kick recovery in the butt!



'Adolescent athletes who get less than 8 hours of per night have a 1.7 x greater chance of getting injured, which can start a vicious cycle of pain, which then disturbs their already poor sleep. Apply this with daily stress, work (depending on age), family comittments, and change in seasons and this can lead to sickness e.g. cold, flu, run, aches & pains.

I recommend 7-9hrs of sleep for adults. If you can't get your recommened hours of sleep or need more then have a power nap! 20 mins is all you need. Naps have been scientifically proven to help aid alertness, mood & performance. The best bit of advice I received in regards to naps was to have a small coffee right before hand so, upon waking, the caffiene has been digested in the body and will take effect. Caffiene usually takes 20-30mins to kick in anyway.



Compression garments are great to help stimulate blood circulation for faster muscle repair & recovery. I know what you are thinking, how does this work?! Well these tightly fitted garments help hold the muscle in place which helps improve the blood flow to these muscles, which thereby speeds up the recovery and can lead to a boost in performance. My favourite compression garments are compression socks! These are great after a long hike or run and I do find them super effective.



My clients cringe every time I advise them to go home and have a cold shower post training session. However, it does work WONDERS! A lot of athletes have an ice bath after an intense training session or competition. An ice bath helps with improving circulation and removing lactic acid, which then speeds up our bodies recovery. A cold shower doers basicaly the same thing. For this to have an effect it does need to be done post training. I also find having a cold shower before bed really relaxes my nervous system & muscles. I feel like I sink into the matress and fall asleep usually within the first 5 mins.... it's heaven!

Little tip: Going from hot to cold every 2-3 mins helps improve the activity of your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system helps to carry out waste from your cells which aids recovery.


If you are someone who trains 3 x or more a week than you should have recovery as a huge focus. I recommend a massage once every 4-8 weeks to help keep your body and mind in check. Especially if you are someone who is a lazy and won't foam roll or spend time unwinding..... and no, smashing a few beers and a pizza, afterwards isn't what I am talking about when I saw 'unwind' although it does have it's place (I am not judging if you do this!).

Cupping? I love cupping! Cupping is super effective and I have got the best results for myself and for my clients with this technique. Cupping is an ancient chinese technique that's based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and poor energy flow through your body. A glass or silicone suction cup is used in this practice. The cup is put over the tight muscles and left for a few minutes. In this time, the suction from the cups, draws/brings blood to the muscle/surface which helps enhance circulation, removes toxins from the body and stimulates blood flow to the affected area.

Benefits of cupping & massage are:

  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved circulation
  • reduces stress hormones in body
  • relaxation
  • reducing pain & inflammation
  • can help aid with lifting anxiety & depression
  • help ward off illness
  • aid in removing toxins from body


My absolute 'favourite' product to use on my niggly aches/pains/muscles. Ice Blue Rub is an athletic blend created by Doterra. I only use Doterra essential oils as they are CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. They use a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and other powerful ingredients in all their products. I like to know what is going into my body and with our exposure to many harmful toxins & substances this is one way, of knowing, that what is entering my bloodstream is 'safe' and not harmful to body (and mind & spirit).

Ice blue rub brings a 'cooling' & 'soothing' sensation to the area/muscle where you have applied the cream. I sometimes even apply this pre - training to a problem area as it brings warmth and stimulation to the muscle. I ALWAYS have a tube of this in my gym for my clients and in my bag. I use this product in my cupping services as well as my fitness services. My massage therapist also use this amazing product.