New Year expectations

So it’s the 9th of January 2019 and I am only just starting to find my feet, know where I’m headed type thing….

So it’s the 9th of January 2019 and I am only just starting to find my feet, know where I’m headed type thing…. There sometimes (ok maybe most of time) is a lot of pressure to match or better the amazing year we had before. I had an awesome 2018. I truly did. Lots of growth and boy did I reap the rewards from that growth. My ‘awesome’ 2018 has created a fair bit of pressure for my year ahead in 2019. That pressure then creates anxiety…. Well for me it does anyway. It creeps in in the middle of the night and cripples my chest with tightness when I wake up. I wake up not knowing what today holds or what this year holds. Being a business owner and knowing what I’m doing every day has created some great stability for my mental health but it all crumbles when I’m on holidays and don’t have anything to do, no plan, no direction. Can anyone else relate? Emma Squat

  But who really does know what this year holds? There IS beauty in NOT knowing  what the universe has install for us. Like a surprise, where is the fun in knowing everything that is going to happen?! As our society continues to evolve, so does our technology. We always know the weather conditions for at least the next 7 days in advanced and we know if we’re having a boy or girl so we can be ‘prepared’ before bub arrives. Now don’t get me wrong, technology has its benefits… this blog for one! And technologies benefits can be life saving in terms of detecting catastrophic events before they happen, detecting health problems, prevention of death and loads more! However in regards to our everyday living we rely a lot on ‘knowing’ what is to come.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt in 2018 was to relax & let go. This taught me non-attachment to outcomes. I’m guilty for being a little bit of a control freak. If I’m sad then I change it. Put on weight? Change it. I’m bored? Change it. Feeling anxious? Change it.  Unhappy in my relationship? Change it. But no matter how much I plan for the future, the world has a mind of it’s own and lets me quickly know that I don’t always have control and I don’t always have to be. Not everything has to be planned. This is initially hard to overcome though! It doesn’t do many favours for my anxiety (well kind of). But I think we can all agree my anxiety is in relation to the fear of the unknown. Being a business owner and health coach, planning is a big part of my role and who I have had to become in order to become great at what I do. My clients are investing their hard earned money into my services. They want results and so do I. I’ve been in their position so many times and when results aren’t being delivered I get upset and frustrated. So planning is a big part of who I am. When needed I need to take tasks by the horns and get it done. However I’m learning to listen more and knowing when I should let things be and when I need to pick up the pace.

There is so much pressure to always be ‘grinding’, ‘hustling’ and being busy. The busier, the better! Busier means more success…… well I’m quickly learning it isn’t.  You don’t get ahead in life with having a lazy mentality and work ethic. This isn’t just in relation to career. I’m talking health, mind, body, family and relationships… the list goes on. But if we are always busy and don’t have a chance to stop and smell the roses we miss important lessons & messages.  Our bodies are not designed to be on super human mode. If they are, in fact, always on this mode we soon burn out, experience hormonal imbalances and place ourselves at risk of adrenal problems/fatigue etc. This then leads to feeling unworthy, depression kicks in, weight comes on then it becomes a vicious circle where we DO more exercise, extreme diets, lose the weight, gain temporary happiness, put the weight back on and become more unhappy than before and THEN it starts all over AGAIN!

Now that’s a lot to take in and I won’t cover any more on this topic today. I will however be blogging about this over the coming months and touching on what needs to change and why. Remember your what and why will be different to the person sitting beside you. Everyone’s journey is different.

So with all of this written in context, where does it leave me? Where do I see myself in 2019?

Go back to work. This has helped immensely! My feet & soul have some sort of direction now. My clients are also a massive contributing factor to my motivation this year. I really do love my job and I love seeing their faces when they rock up to training. They have faith in me and it is inspiring to feel & see. So thank you to my current clients who make my role so enjoyable. You have pointed me in the direction I need & want to be. Especially when I freaked out for a WHOLE 7 days of not knowing what I wanted for 2019! Anyone would think I thought the world was going to end!

I also looked inwards and made a list of things that have helped gain some clarity around where I want to be headed and achieving. Below is a list of my ‘TOP 9 things to do to get you out of the New Year Rut’.

  1. CLEAR the wardrobe and belongings

De-clutter. Get rid of clothes that haven’t been worn in over 12 months. Have a clear space to live in. This will do wonders for your emotional well being.

  1. Try the 10 things rituals

Write down 10 x things that you want to LEAVE behind in 2018 on one sheet of paper. On another piece of paper write down 10 x things you WANT to bring in to your life in 2019.

  1. Try something NEW

Write down something you have always wanted to do? A new skill, new food, new place etc. For example; skate boarding, snow skiing, hot yoga, meditation, a facial, sky diving, colour or cut your hair? The list & opportunities are endless!

  1. BOOK a holiday/getaway….. something!

Book something! Whether it be something big or small. An over night stay in a caravan park in a coastal destination or a tour of the wineries in the Hunter Valley. You could book that over seas trip you have been wanting to do since you were a teen! Book something and put in your leave  at work NOW. Have something to look forward to this year so you can unwind and relax a little. Life is short.

  1. Do GOOD/ have FUN

Volunteer for a charity event, do a charity fun run or something fun!

  1. Create 1-2 healthy HABITS

Create 1-2 healthy habits and STICK TO THEM! E.g. Minimum 10,000 steps a day, 3 x brisks walks a week, swimming once a week, 2Ls of water a day, 2 serves of veggies and day etc.

  1. 3 month goals/intentions

What do you want to have achieved in the first 3 months of 2019? Be realistic! Write these down.

  1. Think beyond 2019

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time? 5 years time? Heck even 10 years time? Is there anything you can implement now to see yourself up for these goals? Write these down.

  1. Create a vision board

Create a vision board with photos and quotes for 2019. Put your 3-month goals on here as well as your bigger long term goals. Maybe a photo of the new skill you want to try or quotes/words of what you want to bring into 2019. Put a photo of your ultimate holiday on it. Then place the board where you will see it every day. I have my vision board on my desk, which is beside my bed. I wake up and see the board every single day. I ticked 80% of my goals/intentions from my last vision board in 6 months just by seeing it every day. I create a new board every 3-6 months depending on my goals. Some things stay on the board, especially the bigger long term ones. Maybe even stick you rituals sheet on your board?

I’m looking forward to sharing my next blog with you ‘Caterpillar to Butterfly’ in the coming weeks. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.


EJ Fitness