Recovery. I talk a lot about this to my clients. I can't stress the importance of recovery enough. Everyone who is training should be making this a FOCUS! And the easiest way for me to explain recovery is to look at a race team.

July 2017 I was in different place. A strange place that looked so very different from how it looks & feels now. I was severely unhappy with how I looked and felt. And I was in a massive rut. Fast forward to now, April 2019 and I feel and look like a different person. I am, in fact, a new person.

Over the last 6 months I have been hearing the word GRIT a lot! 

You see the hardest part of our role as a coach is getting our clients/athletes to understand that we aren't going give them an instant result. We are not similar to hair dressers, beauticians or tattoo artist. 80% of the time you walk into those places and you walk out with an instant result.


I see a strength & conditioning coach twice a month and I am a coach myself. 

So it’s the 9th of January 2019 and I am only just starting to find my feet, know where I’m headed type thing….

Welcome to my first blog. I found this really hard to start.