After 4 months of participating in Emma's bootcamp I can say wholeheartedly that I’m so happy with the results I'm achieving (fitness wise and weight loss wise) thanks to Emma's help. At the start, I could barely do a squat due to bad knees, now I can feel that my knees have strengthened and I feel like I do a lot more things with ease that I thought I'd never be able to do. Emma's passion for fitness makes it enjoyable to come to bootcamp as it's extremely motivating and encouraging. 

I'm so grateful for all Emma does, she changes exercises based on your needs and this really makes you feel comfortable. I can't wait to see what the future brings as I continue with Emma in my fitness!

Morgan Smith

I have been training with EJ fitness for nearly 2 years. Emma has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle through achieving many fitness goals and also nutrition advice including during my pregnancy. Through my pregnancy, Emma provided tailored PT sessions which allowed me to continue a healthy lifestyle and also assisted with recovery post-natal. I would recommend EJ fitness to anyone who is wishing to continue to exercise while pregnant as the sessions were always fun but also still provided a challenge. EJ fitness has been a big influence in my life and particularly during my pregnancy.

Kahlia Millard

I did not realise how important rehab is after any injury, especially after surgery. EJ Fitness have exceeded my expectations and I have no doubt that EJ Fitness will exceed your expectations too. If you have an injury or movement issues that are giving you pain when you train, I have no hesitation in recommending EJ Fitness for exercise rehab.

Brett M

I've been training at EJ Fitness from the very first boot camp class held 3 years ago! I've seen EJ Fitness evolve to become the fun, energetic, motivating and supportive business it is today! I absolutely love it and training is now something I look forward to and not something I have to force myself to do! Every bootcamp class is different and the group atmosphere is great! The group is supportive, competitive and best of all fun - it's always a laugh! The classes are definitely challenging, and I can honestly say that EJ Fitness has helped me become a fitter, stronger and happier person! Emma is such a supportive trainer and she will always help you reach your goals and give you advice on nutrition, training and recovery.

Jessica Agius

I started with EJ fitness just under a year ago. My friend and I had signed up together. I needed to get fit as I was trying to get into the Air Force. I had tried to get there on my own but just couldn't get very far, especially in my push-ups, I would struggle doing one. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Bootcamp. The people were really nice and didn't make me feel bad at my lack of fitness and Emma was a firm but understanding trainer. She would push us but only to our capabilities which she always seemed to know. My fitness really improved over the months and through that I was able to pass my preliminary fitness assessment (trial). After that, I asked to get one on one training to really improve my strength and stamina. I was a little worried about it as I'm the type of person who is not comfortable when the focus is purely on me, but with Emma it felt like training with a friend, a friend who keeps asking for 3 more push-ups. As of 2 weeks ago I have passed my final PFA and have been officially accepted into the Air Force. I truly believe I could not have gotten this far without Emma's help and guidance in improving my fitness, I'm up to 10 push-ups now! I would definitely recommend EJ Fitness to anyone who has a goal they need to reach or just wants a comfortable and friendly environment to train in.

Laura Devine

I've been training with EJ Fitness for just under 5 months now and I've been so happy with my progress and results. Not only have I lost weight and become substantially fitter and stronger, I've learnt invaluable lessons about nutrition and fitness. Emma is an extremely well organised trainer who puts everything into every session. Every day at boot camp is completely different which keeps it interesting and above all fun! Whether you're looking to loose weight, run further or get stronger, I recommend EJ Fitness to anyone!

Emma Mitchell

I have been training with EJ Fitness for two years now and she has taken my racing career to the next level. Whether it be in the car in 60deg cabin temps or doing double duties, my body is doing it easy which allows me to make good decisions in split seconds. No longer do I have a gym membership, and spend 3-4 days with Emma doing my workouts properly and having an absolute blast with the rest of the crew at Bootcamp. I wouldn't be where I’m at the moment without her program.

Craig Woods, sponsored Athlete, V8 Supercars Ute category & Aussie Race car category

I have been a member at numerous gyms and other fitness groups and can confidently say that EJ Fitness is in a different league compared to them all. Emma takes the time to get to know her clients and builds programs to help cater for their individual needs or goals which after my past experiences is a rare thing. All members treat each other with respect and when training at EJ Fitness you feel comfortable to be a part of that family and push each other to achieve whatever your physical/mental goals may be.

I personally suffer severely from Asthma and before joining EJ Fitness, my breathing technique and running capability was very poor. Emma being the type of person she is took this into consideration and over the past 18 months has worked with me to dramatically help improve my overall fitness which in turn has seen my general health continuously improve and more importantly I feel mentally stronger.

I need to thank EJ Fitness as since joining this group my way of living has improved for the better and Emma has taught me that looking after yourself is just as important as the responsibilities you have when running your own business which is something I had forgotten and let take over my life completely.

When training at EJ Fitness, you will achieve your goals provided you are willing to put the work in while at the same time enjoying yourself with a fantastic bunch of people under the direction of a dedicated and supportive coach. Thanks EJ Fitness!

Domenic Meduri