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about me

Emma has lived and breathed all things fitness for the past 8 years. At a ripe age of 13, Emma followed her mother to the gym one day and fell in love with it. She became fascinated and curious about movement and the body after battling a few personal injuries as a result of years of netball.

As a young girl, Emma’s mother’s exercise physiologist and bootcamp coaches took her under their wing and allowed her to sit in on sessions so she could learn as much as possible. With her notepad and pen in hand, she absorbed as much information as possible from her mentors all of those years ago. She would listen to how they structured their sessions, communicated with their clients and modified movements to accommodate to injuries. Since then, Emma has never looked back.

Since completing her Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Emma dived straight into hands on experience and has behind her all facets of the fitness industry with experience in customer service, membership sales, membership roles and becoming club manager at a local gym. Feeling unsatisfied with this, Emma took matters into her own hands and EJ Fitness was born just 6 weeks later. Now three years on, the business is very much growing here in Western Sydney.

Both Emma and the business have evolved over the past three years. Emma is constantly attending industry events, related courses and learning as much as she possibly can to benefit her clients even more. Emma has tried her hand at many disciplines in the industry such as pilates, crossfit, boxing, kickboxing, bootcamp, high intensity training, personal training, swimming, spin classes & much more. You name it & Emma has done it. However, above all of these disciplines, Emma finds as though she resonates the most with strength & conditioning.

Emma was professionally guided by one of Australia’s leading strength & conditioning coaches & has never looked back. She fell in love with it & it now is very much a huge part of what EJ Fitness is all about. Emma has a passion for training and coaching and works hard to give her clients what they need. Emma believes that recovery, training, nutrition, lifestyle factors, physiological & psychological development work hand in hand to give you the best results.

At EJ Fitness, Emma ensures her clients now focus on feeling better as opposed to body goals. We train to feel good & to move better. Your body follows how you feel about yourself.

‘To train the mind is to train the body.’

– Emma Scibberas EJ FITNESS